Monday, May 6, 2013

My Workspace - Potion Room

Hi everyone,

What a crazy day in LA! It's pouring with rain - big, fat, heavy rain, whilst it's sunny and pretty in England. My mum just had my sister and her husband and baby over for lunch and they ate outside in the warm sun. Whereas I am listening to the loud rain attacking my LA apartment and clinging to my cup of hot tea! It's good though... it's good when it rains here on occasion.

Anyway, I'm making a potion room and wanted to share a few photos of the process of the back paneled walls. See me here adding gold paint details over the acrylic paint. It's made using card-stock mostly. I took a snap of some of the floor as well. Another swirly tiled floor as I have recently done before but this one is painted pale like sandstone.

If you're interested in knowing more about slightly larger pieces, then please take a look at my professional filmy blog here and stop by the Facebook page as well. I'm building miniature rows of witchy houses, an enchanted forest and all sorts. Watch my progress and then eventually watch the film they all belong to!

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