Monday, May 27, 2013

Making Fairytale Jewelry

I usually only exhibit at miniature shows for serious miniature collectors, but this weekend just gone I was pursuaded to participate in a fantasy fair in Hollywood. It was great fun and I met some cool people. I took some of my fairytale jewellery (or jewelry in US English). There were tiny glass jars of Floo Powder as pendants, magical toadstool earrings in numerous colours, and jack o lantern pendants as well as the Leprechaun shoe range. They sold well and I'll list the leftovers at my Pixie Dust Miniatures online store.

I also made Sorting Hats just for this fair. I sold a few but there are 3 left over so will either list them online or feel free to email me to order one direct. (I'm offering a 5% discount on these hats to those who order directly from me and pay via PayPal instead of going through Etsy).

Will share photos of the fair tomorrow. :)

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