Friday, August 30, 2013

Forgotten Magic

Last year, whilst living in Middle Earth (aka New Zealand), I created all sorts of spooky items for Halloween. However, it came to my attention today that some of these little magical miniatures were never showcased here on this blog!

I realised the error when doing some work for my other brand. I stumbled on photos in the archive which were never shown, so today I fixed the mistake (blogging about it here). It got me wondering if I'd ever forgotten to show something here on Pixie Dust Miniatures, and to my horror -I had!

So, today's the day to upload images of forgotten magic - miniatures from Halloween of last year (2012) - never before seen....!

Here we have... Ghost Bottles, Beetle Treacle and Gnome Pots. All three essential magics for the witch's kitchen or spellroom can be found at my online Pixie Dust Miniature Etsy store.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Logging onto my Etsy shop today I realised there are yet more changes to the site again and I have had that David Bowie song 'Changes' in my head ever since. ;)

So, not long ago Etsy allowed sellers the chance to create an 'About' page for their shops so that they could tell their shop's story and talk about how they make their products and so forth. I love this new tool and created an About Page for Pixie Dust Miniatures which you may have seen here, (or see preview below).

Today I see that they have changed their 'Feedback' section and now instead of three grades of feedback (positive, neutral, negative) they have a 5 star rating. Okay, well I am not sure this change is a benefit, but I will wait and see if I get anything less than 5 stars (and be totally distressed if I do!) See how the Five Star Review section looks (image left).

Below is how my shop looks on Etsy today.

Whilst we're talking about Etsy, some of you may have noticed I have added very little to my shop since the spooky cookbooks... but I will have a small Limited Edition Halloween range this year, so look out for that. I wont be making 10 of every item and usual - maybe just 1 or 2 of each as I have so little time these days.

Stay tuned... :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Workspace - Heart of a Witch's Home!

Very occasionally the worlds of Pixie Dust Miniatures and my other company collide. I have been building out a colourful vintage / retro kitchen in one inch scale (for a project and also magazine feature I'll share soon) and am actually making it flexible enough to be used for both companies by swapping out props and furniture.

For Pixie Dust Miniatures this kitchen will of course be the heart of a witch's home (but for the other company it will be an innocent retro kitchen). Complete with sooty iron kettle, dragon eggs on the kitchen island, toadstools on the windowsill and a sign which reads "Well behaved children welcome. The rest will be made into pies." (I found this sign on the internet and just loved it so I printed it and mounted it to sanded and then painted basswood).

So... about this work-in-progress kitchen...
It was built by me out of MDF (and in part, foamcore). I made several pieces of the furniture from scratch, and other pieces were altered by me quite significantly. I cut wooden panels for the back wall, painted walls and put days of work into it. Here are some in-the-making photos I have taken along the way. I'll share the finished project here and on my Facebook page in a week or less.

Note that you can see the kitchen goings-on at my other blog (here) so check that out too!

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PS The last two photos were quick snaps of the kitchen as it is today but I am still arranging the furniture and making changes, so the finished kitchen will be different... ;)

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Look - Cookbooks!

Now on shelves in Gilda Grimbly's London bookshop - cookbooks which have topped the 'Witches Weekly' best-sellers list!

You can find classics like 'Baking with Snails' and 'The Poison Cookbook' and also new release cookbooks by up-and-coming celebrity chefs such as 'The Big Book of Bug Recipes' and 'The Dragon Egg Cookbook'.

Impress the coven by cooking up such dinner party classics as Python Wellington and delicate cream pastries with garden snails.


I've just released these perfectly detailed miniature cookbooks (all my own unique designs) and you can find them at my online Pixie Dust Miniatures Etsy shop. They are one inch scale and I used high quality paper and ink-jet printing, so you can read the tiny print on the back, front and spines of the books. Enjoy!

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Workspace... Beetle Cake

Stag beetles are so pretty. I love their iridescent shiny blue-black-green bodies. Well, it's not only me that appreciates the prettiness of stag beetles... English witches have been incorporating them into cakes and desserts for centuries.... ;)

...Really - you've never had Beetle Cake?

Okay, well here's a glimpse at my workspace for an upcoming project... I am making cakes and pies with pretty stag beetles for decoration.

In other news... I used the fun new Etsy tool to create an 'About' page for my online Etsy shop! Have a little look here. Enjoy the weekend!