Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Potion Table

For those of you that read my personal blog or like my personal page on Facebook, you will know that I just got back from 8 days in the UK. Had a wonderful time catching up with family and eating good food despite the sad reason for my trip (it was to attend the funeral of my grandfather).

Whilst adjusting to jet-lag, I decided to list my very special Potion Table. I made it to a very high standard as a piece to take to the Good Sam Show in Chicago later in the year (this amazing show demands the very best in quality) but decided to list it at my online Pixie Dust Miniatures shop and make similar tables for the show. It's not until October after all.

This table is in one inch scale. It was hand-painted in layers of black and 'duck egg' paint, aged and filled with all sorts of gorgeous items (everything is attached).

The Potion Table includes:
three hand-blown glass vessels (two of which were stained-glass painted by myself),
eleven different handmade potion bottles,
six handmade spellbooks,
aged scrolls,
a golden key,
a signature / trademark Pixie Dust Miniatures dotted spoon
and spell-tags on golden or silk threads. 

Have a look at all the photos below. It's very hard to capture on film, but when the sunlight touches the little glass potion bottles they cast tiny rainbows of light on the surrounding area. I tried to show this in the first photo below.

This Potion Table available for sale here.


  1. Very nice Caroline :-) But I thought the Good Sam Show was a California venue, no? I am sure your things will do well there.

  2. Me encantan esos objetos de cristal, son diferentes y originales. Una preciosidad.
    un abrazo.