Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Taking Miniatures to the next Level

Most of the work you've seen from me on this Pixie Dust Miniatures blog has been 1:12 or 1:24 scale miniature. But did you know that in 2015 I started sculpted maquettes (characters / figurines) in 1:12 scale? I started by creating witches for a project called Good Witches Bad Witches  and then towards the end of last year I made this pirate. It's my own design of Captain Hook.

I thought some of you might like to see the process! Below is a 1 minute video of me creating my pirate, Captain Hook. It's not a tutorial - it's a glimpse which I hope you'll find fun and maybe inspiring.

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Hope you are all having a wonderful start to your 2018! I talked about my New Year's Eve and such at my personal blog here, in case you're interested.

I'll stop back by here again soon!