Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Spooky Pumpkins for Halloween....

Halloween's fast approaching and I've been making Halloween candy and cakes over at Hummingbird (take a look here) and spooky enchanted pumpkins with faces and glow in the dark eyes for Pixie Dust.

I keep getting requests before I get a chance to list them online, so note availability below and visit my store here.

Pumpkin A - Available
Pumpkin B - Available
Pumpkin C - SOLD OUT
Pumpkin D - SOLD OUT
Pumpkin E - SOLD OUT

Enchanted Pumpkin A

Enchanted Pumpkin B

Enchanted Pumpkin C

Enchanted Pumpkin D

Enchanted Pumpkin E

one inch scale dollhouse / dolls house miniature Halloween pumpkins handmade by Caroline of Pixie Dust Miniatures