Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Workspace - Teapots...

Last week I had a little free time so I made some more of my previously sold-out Grinny Teapots at the request of several fans. Here's a little glimpse at them in the making.

You can find yourself one of these unique Grinny Teapots for purchase at my online Pixie Dust Miniatures Etsy shop here. They're very cute and don't forget - their eyes and teeth glow brightly in the dark. Wait til you see them light up your miniature world!

I will be creating a new and exciting range of Witchy Teapots of all sorts soon.... however - I will be taking a little break from miniatures before doing this so that I can work on my children's book illustrations. If you're interested in knowing more about this then please feel free to find my personal blog here and Facebook page here.

Let's put the kettle on...!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Broom Broom...!

What's your means of transport? A gas-guzzling automobile? That simply will not do in our age - why not upgrade to something a little more eco-friendly?

These artisan handmade miniature brooms are in one inch scale (so I am afraid the weight limit for riders is about 2 lbs). Great for your miniature witch or wizard and good for the environment. Cheap to run too.

From the woodshops of famed broomstick-making witches... Pixie Dust Miniatures brings you brooms of every variety from 'Hilda Brickleback Brooms Ltd.' and 'Faustina Fiddlesticks Brooms Co.'

They come in polished willow wood / silver birch / dark-stained woods, with pale bristles / dark bristles / neat-cut bristles and bristles cut to a point for faster flight. They also come tied with gold threads and silk threads of every colour.

Each one is OOAK (one of a kind) so if you want something unique of your very own then look no further than the online Pixie Dust Miniatures Etsy shop for your own miniature broom.

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Magic in Minnesota

I love it when people send me photos of their miniature projects showing me how they have used the Pixie Dust Miniatures item they purchased from me.
Well... no other project made me as excited as one from a mother of two girls in Minnesota.

Many of us believed in fairies as children. I remember looking for them inside flowers in the copse behind my house in rural England. I looked for their footprints on trees and left biscuit crumbs for them to find. My paternal Grandma was more crushed when she found out that fairies were not real than when she learnt that Father Christmas (US - Santa Claus) was not real.
When I have children I certainly want to prolong the magic. It's one of the best things about childhood - being innocent to the bad things in the world... and believing in fairies.

This mother actually created fairy gardens for her gorgeous little daughters and she leaves tiny 'fairy items' for them to find! One morning in Minnesota she left for them a fairy shoe (made by Humpty Dumpty House - a dollhouse artisan also on Etsy here) and an Elixir of Life glass bottle made by me. She captured their reaction on film and you can watch it by clicking on the video link below. This will take you directly to this lady's YouTube Channel (not my YouTube Channel -which can be found here).

Enjoy the video which the mother has allowed me to share with you all. My favourite part is when one of the girls exclaims "I need to tell Daddy... I just have to! This is from a fairy!"

The girls with one of their fairy gardens...

Finding the glass bottle in the fairy garden...

Close up on the glass bottle...

The 'Elixir of Life' bottle - which I sell here

Watch this magical video here...! Clicking this link will take you to YouTube.

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Workspace - Potting Tables

It's all about fairytale gardening at the moment... take a look at my magical potting tables in the making and stay tuned to see the finished pieces in the coming days. I'll make pots / baskets / buckets of toadstools available at my online shop as well as the potting tables filled with enchanted pumpkins and squash etc.

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