Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TUTORIAL Published

In this month's issue of 'Dollhouse Miniatures' magazine, you'll find my first Pixie Dust Miniatures tutorial!

Learn how to make a Grinny Pumpkin Cauldron like the ones I sell at my online store here. Perfect for Halloween.

You can see a thumbnail of the tutorial below, but in order to read it and be able to follow it you will need to purchase the magazine in stores or online here. It's well worth the low price ($6.99 usd / £2.99) as it's full of features on other miniaturists, other tutorials, great articles and inspiration. So, I'd certainly encourage you to purchase this magazine. Hope you enjoy my first Pixie Dust Miniatures tutorial!

Final result - Grinny Pumpkin Cauldrons just in time for Halloween

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