Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fairytale and Wizardly Glassware

I've neglected my Pixie Dust blog a little of late! Been so busy making plans to return to America, working on my short film, creating for my other blog & shop, visiting Cancun, catching up with my family I hadn't seen much of the the entirety of 2011... so that's why! But... I'm back now and will be bringing all sorts of magic to the table this year...

People have often asked me for unusual glassware, so this is an amazing range of delicate, intricate hand-blown glass apothecary jars which I have sourced / commissioned, aged, changed and magic-ified. ;) Use them to fill your apothecaries and spellrooms. Available at my online shop momentarily.

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  1. Love them! Totally perfect!

  2. The glassware is great! Thank you.

  3. Wonderful glassware!

  4. Those are beautiful! Whether it be glassware cups, bowls, or espresso cups, be sure to keep in mind those who plan to use them and those you plan to serve with this glassware.

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