Friday, September 24, 2010

Hummingbird Miniatures FREE GIVE AWAY competition!

If you're here on my new Pixie Dust Miniatures blog, then you probably found me through my Hummingbird Miniatures blog!

I'm doing a give away of my BEST-SELLING and most popular mini! For a chance to win a Pink Birthday Cake (pictured below), just become a follower of this blog, and leave me a comment on this post. I will draw names out of a hat on the 8th October and then will contact the winner to get your address and it will be sent off to you right away!

Any questions or trouble entering, just email me at


Lots of love,
Caroline xx

PS My magical miniature store - Pixie Dust Miniatures which specialises in spooky and magical minis. It will soon be jam-packed with Halloween goodies, so don't miss out. It's here


  1. Good Luck with your new venture. Already a follower!

    Shelly N

  2. I come here every day, everything is marvellous, I want good luck in his shop magician!

  3. congrats, your work are amazing and perfect!!!! and i wanna win this wonderful cake, pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!! bacio

  4. I have been following your blog for a while now through Google Reader - I LOVE your work!
    I added myself as a follower - and guess what - the day you do your drawing is my birthday!!!!
    Fingers crossed!!!

  5. WOW! Your blog is wonderful!
    Please count me in your giveaway :-)

  6. Hi!Your work is amazing! I would love to participate in your lovely giveaway.Miniregards.

  7. I love your miniatures, they are so life-like!
    Plaese count me in for this amazing give away, it is so beautiful!
    greetings from Marieke

  8. Hi !
    As I told you in your other blog; This cake looks so Gooood and delicious, so I came here and joined this blog to be a follower also here... and to take part into this wonderful Giveaway! Please count me in...

  9. Congratulations, your blog is wonderful!
    I want to participate!

  10. Beautiful giveaway ! Please count me in,i put your link in my blog...

  11. Congrats on the new store and blog! Hope I win! :D

  12. Good luck for the store undoubtedly will be well seen to create beautiful masterpieces ....
    Please count me for your fantastic giveaway. Hopefully for good! ^_-
    a hug

  13. Good luck with the new store!
    Please count me in for this wonderful giveaway...

  14. I love so much your miniature and also your cake!! i discovered this blog throuht your other blog, please count me in your give away!!

  15. Caroline, what a lovely cake! Would you please count me in for your giveaway. I am a new follower :-)

  16. Caroline, I want that cake!!! It looks so moist and delicious and would taste so good with a cup of tea!!!! Please count me in!!

  17. I'm following ya!
    I love your little mushies. Do you have your own mini-set up? If so, can we see some of your personal collection in action?

  18. Looking at the picture of the cake in my office, I wish there's a bakery somewhere near... Cute cakes that look delicious, amazing!

    And woah, all the items in your shop look so realistic! Especially those spell books... Glad to be a follower~!!

  19. Your creations are lovely!!! I fell in love with the school books!!!! They look so real!!!! Of course the birthday cake seems so real that it is hard to keep your mouth from drooling!!! :-)....Lucky to have found you in the world wide web....and follow your journey since today!!!!

  20. what a beautiful cake! Yumm!
    seems perfect for the birthday of my blog!
    I would like to join your give away, please include me in your list!
    I put the link on, my blog, thanks!
    kisses from Italy!

  21. lovely birthday cake :)))))) and congratulation your new shop. I put the link on my blog:)


  22. Your giveaway is very beautiful! Please count me in,I put your link in my blog...
    Greetings from Rosella

  23. Hummmm que buena pinta tiene esta tarta, es preciosa dan ganas de comérsela.
    Me encantaria participar en tu sorteo, Felicidades tienes un precioso Blog.

    Un abrazo. Marta

  24. Please count me in your fantastac giveaway, I put the link on, my blog, thanks!

  25. Thanks for a chance to win your yummy blog candy!
    sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa
    public slidebar on
    Hugs, rosa
    i am new follower
    blog creative:

  26. I would love to win the lovely birthday cake! Good luck for your new store!

  27. Hola
    No conocia tu blog y cuando llego haces un sorteo...que suerte!!!!
    Me encantaria participar en el y poder conseguir un trabajo tuyo.
    Espero seguir con la misma suerte jeje
    Subo el aviso del sorteo a mi blog.
    besitos ascension

  28. I love this cake and always stalk your wonderful Etsy store (in a good stalkers way!)Please can I be entered in your give away,
    Julia xx

  29. Buena suerte en tu nueva aventura. No conocía tu trabajo, pero ahora que te he encontrado aquí me quedo. Me encantará participar en tu sorteo y pongo noticia en mi blog.

  30. Que gusto conocer tu blog!!!
    Me encantaría que cuando puedas visites el mio ( ; y ahora pongo en el, tu sorteo , me gustara muchísimo poder participar!!

  31. Too cool! I'd love to win that cake! :D I just came from the your other blog, and thought that was where you entered. I got all excited cause no one had posted yet, but it looks like I have a little bit of compition here. ;) Can't wait to see all the new Halloween miniatures! I love Halloween! :)

  32. Me encanta tu sorteo¡¡¡ No conocia tu blog y ha sido un gran placer encontrarlo. Tienes unas cosas preciosas.

    Felicidades y gracias.

  33. your miniatures are amazing! So intricate and well put together... I'm reading through your past entries right now. So beautiful! congrats on the new store opening, by the way~ i'm also a follower.

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  34. hello, your work is so perfect, especial the cakes, I want to eat all of them, hum!hum.

  35. oooooooooooo fabulous for my shabby tea salon...good luck to meeee :P love your blog and nice to meet you :D Linda x

  36. wow i love your spooky and magical minis!!
    and the cakes looks very jummy and real. please count me in for your give away.
    greets linda

  37. Me encantan tus trabajos ¡¡¡Enhorabuena y mucha suerte.Me gustaria participar.Un saludo

  38. So pleased to have found both your blogs! having harry Potter house and several witches house , Ill be watching with great interest at what creations youll be making, Im always on the lookout for new minis with so many projects to fill! Please enter me in your giveaway and good luck to everyone! Kate xxx

  39. ¡Es fantastico el premio! Por supuesto que quiero estar en tu sorteo, me encataría tener esa tarta.
    Suerte con esta tienda.
    Besos Clara

  40. what a yummy cake.. I love it!!
    Count me in!

  41. what a great looking cake. I'm going to enjoy following you. I love spooky ....especially at this time of year. LOL
    Pls count me in on the draw.
    hugs Karin

  42. Hi!

    I like your work,the cakeit's perfect!!
    Count with me!!!

  43. I can see why this is your most popular and best selling item. It is wonderful and I would love to have the chance to win it. Please enter me for the giveaway.

  44. Congratulations on your new store and blog!
    Your giveaway is wonderful! and I think it's like done for ME! Why? Because I love cakes and pink is my favourite colour...and I'll have my birthday this month! So, I'm sure that I'll be the winner;D ;D

  45. I'm so excited for the cookie earrings, Caroline! Good luck with your new shop..the theme is too cute!

  46. That is so impressive! And what an awesome giveaway!

  47. I want a cake like that for my birthday, alongside the real one!

  48. Goodluck on your newly opened shop...can't wait to see more of your wonderful creations...

  49. Lovely cake and I want to win!!!!
    Very beautiful creations...

  50. Hola ¡¡ hé llegado de Vacaciones y Estoy Mirando Sorteos CUANTOS y hay ¡¡¡
    Me apunto al tuyo .
    Felicidades Por Tu blog es precioso ¡¡¡ -
    Te Invito a que veas El mio.Claro ¡¡¡ No Hago Cosas tan bonitas , Pero voy aprendidendo de TODAS vosotras .

    Cibeles -

  51. I just found your blog and I have to say I find it just delightful. Your attention to detail wonderful. My husband and I are just entering the world of miniatures and are just amazed at everything there is out there. Your food looks absolutely delicious. Your blueberry muffins looks as if they just came out of the oven.

  52. I've just come across your blog and it is adorable! This is an awesome giveaway :)

  53. Hi Caroline,

    Your cake is just too good to eat ;-)
    I would love to have a chance on winning it

  54. Dear Caroline,
    My name is Cora and I write from Italy.
    You are very good, I just started and I hope to become good or almost like you ....
    When you have time passing to say hello to my newly born blog!
    I am happy to join your wonderful giveaway ...
    Kisses !

  55. I found your blog, and I love your style.
    I'd love to participate in your give away because the cake is amazing, what a wonderfull and happy birthday in miniland it would be with such a cake!

  56. So pleased I have found both of your blogs and etsy shop. Good luck with your new ventures!

  57. this cake is so wondreful ! I would love to have a chance on winning it !

  58. I follow your other blog and now I follow this blog too... Good luck to all and thank you for this oportunity of have a wonderful cake made for you... regards

  59. Hi everyone,
    The winner was Icitea (otherwise known as Claire at She tells me she DID receive it, but it took almost 2 weeks to get to her in Canada unfortunately! :) xxx

  60. I happened to come across the pics of your adorable miniatures while doing a Google search for birthday cakes. I LOVE them! They are all so beautiful! Do you still make them?

    1. Hi Tracie! Thank you. Yes, I still make them - and they're even more detailed and adorable now than they were. You can contact me through my shop here: