Monday, November 8, 2010

1:24 Scale (Half Inch Scale) Old Dripping Candles

If you're not too tired of hearing me talk about candles (!!) then have a look at my new Old Dripping Candles range in 1:24 (half inch scale).

For those that are unsure, 1:24 scale / half inch scale means that half an inch = a foot in real life.

My tallest candle is 1.3 cm and smallest is 0.5 cm in height.

Perfect for your 1:24 scale Harry Potter dollhouse miniature scene!


  1. Gosh! You have to be a very patient Lady to make so many of so tiny candles! Beautiful work!:)

  2. Muchos tamaños. Este grupo estaría perfecto para una fiesta medieval :)
    Me encanta cómo te salen las velas.
    Besos Clara