Sunday, November 7, 2010

Writing Quills for Wizards! 1:12 scale dollhouse miniature

Hi everybody,
I've made some Phoenix feather quill and ink pots for wizards. Plucked from the tail feather of the Phoenix, they stand in little golden ink pots. 1:12 scale.

Here are the pictures, and I've also included the original Griffin feather quills in silver pots too (already on Etsy).
C xxx

Phoenix Feather Quill

Griffin Feather Quill


  1. stunning!!


  2. I love the purple one especially, my fav colour! Caroline is your setting one of your dollshouses or a roombox you use to dress and show your minis? It looks so fantastic! Kate xxx

  3. Hi Kate, thanks! My phoenixes are purple (same as my illustrations in my book) and I'll be making scale phoenixes in purple and also Harry Potter inspired red ones too.
    Yes, this is a section of my castle dollhouse set! I'll share it with everyone when it's complete. C xxx

  4. Wonderful! So cute. I am in love.