Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Magical Matter and Useful Ingredients

A few years ago I wrote and illustrated a magical handbook called 'The Hidden World' which was a guide to the magic on our doorsteps as written by a retired wizard! It's in the publishing process.
So I thought I'd include one of the illustrations I did for this book years ago so you can see the inspiration for many of the magics I'm currently creating in miniature. :)

Here's some more little jars of magic! Hand-blown glass teeny tiny jars filled with moss, molten gold, pixie dust, fairy dust.... Labeled as such and topped off with chequered lids.

Fairy Dust

Gathered Moss

Molten Gold

Pixie Dust


  1. O`those pixie and fairy dustie-bottles are so perfect...just Love them like there is some of the dust on the table!

  2. The illustrations are fabulous Caroline I cant wait for that book to come out! The little jars are adorable, very magical, Kate xxx

  3. Love your jars, just perfect!!

  4. Fabulous illustrations Caroline, you'll have to let us all know when the book comes out..xx

  5. Yes beautiful illustrations, I would love to have the book.

    Victoria :)

  6. I love the illustrations! It makes me want to see more. I can't wait for your book to come out.