Thursday, May 10, 2012

Witchy Toads in the Works

Do you remember those Warty Cane Toads I made for Halloween 2010, inspired by the chorus of warty cane toads that sang in the Hogwarts choir in 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'? Well, there are a couple still left at my online store, but I am thinking of discontinuing them in favour of my new designs...

This is a sneak peek at my newly created Witchy Cane Toads which come in all sorts of spooky colours. They take a heck of a lot longer to make and have so much detail and adorable little faces. Probably my favourite Pixie Dust Miniatures items to date. They took days to make and are 1:12 (one inch) scale.

Here are some pictures of my little colourful critters... as seen in the short film - Myrtle the Witch, - some will be made available at my online shop at a later date also.

And if you scroll past these new witchy toads, you'll see my original warty cane toad I made in Los Angeles. I remember when I first made one of these toads. I was going for realism, and to test how real my first one looked I put it on the edge of my bath and called my boyfriend over to my apartment. I said there seemed to be a toad or frog in my shower. He took a look, believed it and got a glass to put the little fellow in. It wasn't until he got particularly close and it wasn't moving that he knew something was up. Plus I couldn't stop laughing!

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  1. Qué lindos !!! los moraditos me encantan jeeje, Felicidades.

  2. Your little toads are so cute.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Cute, cute, cute, soooo cute!

  4. I love how you colored them! The soft blending is really nice around their faces and chests.

  5. These are the cutest little toads I have ever seen! :D


  6. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments! Glad people like them. Warmest wishes, Caroline x

  7. awwwww!! i deathhh!!! froogggggss!!!! i wanna the one is violet and green and blue (my and my boy favor. colors)

    i hope one day buy you a some miniature!!! you are wondeful!!