Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tired of kissing Frogs?

I've just listed two new pieces in my Fairytale Jewelry Range at my online shop. About time... I've been so slow adding more to this range even though some of it was made months ago and is sitting in a box wrapped in tissue paper, and achieving not a lot.

Reckon your taste in jewelry is magic? For any single gals out there who are sick of kissing frogs or have a fed-up friend who's reached that point (I know what it feels like), then brighten your / their day with this seriously cute little warty frog crowned in gold, and sitting nicely on a bronze-tone adjustable ring.

Or.... what kind of unique engagement ring could this be?!!

My jewelry is carefully handmade by myself to my own designs and in 1:12 scale. Some of these pieces take hours. Hope you enjoy having a look over at my shop, and don't forget to check out my other shop for recently added jewelry.


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  1. How adorable are these! What lucky girl wouldn't like to have this ring on her finger? Tooo cute!!!


  2. aww i love frogss!! so cute ring!!!!

    and the bottler too!!!