Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Seen it, liked it, got the T-Shirt!

Do you remember when I wrote about a baby crocodile? Well, he's actually a 'crocogator' - a half breed alligator crocodile. 
Anyway, someone wrote to me and asked to buy him so I packaged him up and he ships to his new home today. So long little pal...

Here are some parting photos of him since (if you read this recent post) you may know that I lost all my photos, including photos of him.

In other news.... GUESS WHAT?!

If you like my photography and designs, you can now buy various products which show it off, such as posters, travel mugs and tote bags! It's all here at my new Red Bubble shop! Here's a snapshot of what's on offer, but there's so much more.

And as for this coming Christmas... you may recall that in 2012 (when I was living in New Zealand) I created something special for a Pixie Dust Miniatures Christmas. It was a magical snowy village of candy gingerbread houses. Since (as detailed in the recent blog post I mentioned) I lost all high rez photos of this work, I am steadily re-building my portfolio, and will be creating something similar, but cooler, this year! Stay tuned for that... :)

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