Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Workspace - Making Bat Apple Tarts

Ever heard of Bat Apple Tarts? Of course you haven't... they're only available at places like Ms Slugsy's cake and pie shop ' Beetle Treacle'. It's somewhere in Northern England.

Here is my workspace as I create my very own unique bat apple tarts....
I sculpted the base myself, so that it looks like a typical butter pastry crust that you'd get in an English pie shop. It was filled with 'pastry cream', then 'apple slices', a 'bat wing' in the center, and then the whole thing was glazed with 'caramel sauce'.

Don't forget there is a chapter on Fairytale Foods in my upcoming book - 'The Art of Pixie Dust Miniatures'.

If you're interested in this project and want to know more about it / see the final items / or learn more about the witchy cake and pie shop, then click over to my miniature filmmaking Facebook page here, and become a fan. You wont miss a picture or a story!

More witchy treats coming soon to the Pixie Dust Miniatures Etsy shop as well...

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