Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Workspace - Heart of a Witch's Home!

Very occasionally the worlds of Pixie Dust Miniatures and my other company collide. I have been building out a colourful vintage / retro kitchen in one inch scale (for a project and also magazine feature I'll share soon) and am actually making it flexible enough to be used for both companies by swapping out props and furniture.

For Pixie Dust Miniatures this kitchen will of course be the heart of a witch's home (but for the other company it will be an innocent retro kitchen). Complete with sooty iron kettle, dragon eggs on the kitchen island, toadstools on the windowsill and a sign which reads "Well behaved children welcome. The rest will be made into pies." (I found this sign on the internet and just loved it so I printed it and mounted it to sanded and then painted basswood).

So... about this work-in-progress kitchen...
It was built by me out of MDF (and in part, foamcore). I made several pieces of the furniture from scratch, and other pieces were altered by me quite significantly. I cut wooden panels for the back wall, painted walls and put days of work into it. Here are some in-the-making photos I have taken along the way. I'll share the finished project here and on my Facebook page in a week or less.

Note that you can see the kitchen goings-on at my other blog (here) so check that out too!

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PS The last two photos were quick snaps of the kitchen as it is today but I am still arranging the furniture and making changes, so the finished kitchen will be different... ;)

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