Sunday, October 9, 2011


This post has been edited 1 week since it went up!

To fill you in... I took issue with another artist who I felt stole my Pixie Dust Miniatures identity - from styling her own shop to look just like mine, using the same font in the logo, same catch phrase, same products and product designs, same photo composition and same product descriptions.

I wrote this post with examples of this and also corresponded with her about it. I said that I was happy for her to make magical miniatures (of course - many people do!) but this felt like identity theft and was wrong.

This 'copy-cat' artisan resolved our dispute by removing her shop (which was a mirror image of mine) and so I have left her name out of this post.

You can see the image comparisons below by right clicking on each image and then clicking 'view image'. Clicking again allows you to zoom in.


  1. Ooh, how ugly thing to do..!! >:0(

    Oh boy, that someone has the nerve to do a thing like that..!! You have every right to be upset and angry about it.

    I hope all turns out OK for your part and this copy cat get what she deserves!!
    And I feel so sorry for you, for having to go through all this :0(

    Lots of hugs and warm thoughts for you and of course ability to cope this and to get this matter cleared off the agenda as quickly as possible.

    Take care.

    With lost of minihugs,

  2. how stupid can some people be, she did not even have the sense to make her own adverts, we all know that our work can be copied or people will take inspiration hopefully from the work we do, but to blantenly copy is disgusting. hope you are able to sort it, just think what a compliment that someone admires you so much they have to copy you, take care debbie

  3. Wow. That is awful. Looks like she just opened shop on Etsy a week or so ago. At least she hadn't sold anything before she got busted.

  4. It looks like she's taken everything down in her website and you can't get to it directly now. Which pretty much means she's guilty and got caught IMHO. I'm glad your father is a lawyer and can get this fixed for you. Miniatures artists have enough problems without this kind of copy-cattery. Good job catching her and making her stop!

  5. Dear Caroline, I'm a big fan of your blog and your miniatures! I think your art inspires many miniaturists, but copying what you do and try to profit from selling this copy is awful! I hope this person finds their own way and do not practice copies!

  6. Hola Caroline, me alegro que este solucionado, es una pena que haya gente que gane dinero con las creaciones exactas de otra artesana, siempre se puede inspirar en un trabajo o copiar para uno mismo, no para vender a tu costa, te doy todo mi apoyo es un asunto muy feo, besos.

  7. Hi, Caroline!! I'm one of your "copycats"... of course for myself! Your beautiful work is an inspiration for many of us who are starting in the miniatures world. I can't believe this person copied not only your products (well, a lot of people make jars and cakes, we could pass it through...), but also the composition of the pictures, descriptions, logo, font and styles???? She or he must be ashamed...