Monday, October 17, 2011

From Paper to Clay...!

That's where it all started... on paper. As many of you know I wrote and illustrated a children's book in 2003-4 straight after I graduated from uni, and it was all about magic and fantasy. It's not published yet though - my literary agent is working on that. ;)

Anyway, when I started Pixie Dust Miniatures I wasn't so much pulling my ideas from my head as I was from my own illustrations (well there are over 300 of them, so it's a lot to work with).

Thought you might find it fun to see some of these illustrations as a before and after, alongside their clay counterparts. Bear in mind I can't put too many illustrations online as the book is still in talks with various publishers so I'm not supposed to go crazy sharing it all on here! And also so darn many illustrations are in England - including a dragon egg identification chart and some enchanted pumpkins which would have been fun to share. But you can still see some fun things. For example, recognise the purple quill in the above image....?!

Click on an image below and don't forget you can click again to zoom in on it.
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