Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fairytale Pumpkins

These magical Fairytale Pumpkins look like they're straight off the pages of Cinderella, but you could use them in your Halloween setting. They're more ethereal and magical than spooky though. I got the idea for them when I saw these gorgeous unusual pumpkins in Trader Joes (American supermarket ~ for my non US friends) being sold there as 'Fairytale pumpkins'! See my bad mobile phone photo at the end of the post. Fun right?!

Each one is an unusual fantastical shape, with twisty stem and brushed with shimmering gold and other mixed media to make them look quite magical. They actually look better in real life than in the photos. I'm reluctantly (my bf's making me!) selling these as two sets at my online shop.

Real 'Fairytale Pumpkins' from Trader Joes supermarket... ;)

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  1. How wonderful, they look like just Cinderella pumpkins! Happy Halloween:)

  2. These pumpkins are the most beautiful I've ever seen. The scenes where they are arranged on the table are amazing!

  3. Wow, thanks so much guys! Glad you like them. I was really pleased with them when they were finished. :) Happy Halloween! C x