Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Witchy Cookbooks

Take a recipe from one of my unique witchy cookbooks! I've got a 'Baking with Snails' cookbook for the sweet-tooth witch and 'The Poison Cookbook' for the vengeful witch.

All of my very own design, naturally! If you look verrrrry closely you'll be able to see the author of the cookbook was Mildred Ditchwater and both books even have a tiny ISBN.

A one inch scale magical miniature fit for the table of any witch / wizard or even Shrek's kitchen.

I've listed one on my online shop here, but Etsy is having some problems this afternoon so I am delayed listing my other cookbook and some other items. Hold your breath, I'll have more items available certainly by the end of today. :)

one inch scale witch and wizard miniatures for harry potter / Shrek fans by American miniaturist Caroline of pixie dust miniatures

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