Monday, August 22, 2011

Poison Pie Prep Board and an Important Message!

Cutting to the chase... the Choose Your Magic Competition should have ended the day before yesterday (the 20th) but I am actually extending it another week!
This is because my mum and brother flew over and stayed with me all of last week (returning to England last night) and I was so thrilled to have them as no other family members have ever visited me out here in California, so I completely neglected my blogs and the competition... sorry.

As an apology to all for this inconvenience, I'll draw a runner-up as well and they'll get a Poison Bottle. :)

So don't let the chance to enter slip you by! Enter my COMPETITION here. This closes at midday on Sat 27th August.

And now onto... Poison Pie Prep Boards.. carefully assembled from things left out in the witch's kitchen. ;) On a brilliantly warped and stained board sits a classic poison pie (also available individually here) on a stand and surrounded by a Poison Pie cookbook (front cover designed by me), a silk tea towel, raw dough with rolling pin, poison bottle and red apples. Everything is glued down.

Available soon at my online shop. Email me to reserve one.

witch and wizard miniatures, harry potter magical one inch scale miniatures handmade by Caroline of pixie dust miniatures, an American miniaturist