Monday, August 1, 2011

Tom Bishop Show July 2011

Got back from the Tom Bishop Miniature Fair in Anaheim last night after a fabulous time! It was my first show in America and it was great fun. :)

My online shop will be back open tomorrow (Tuesday 2nd August) and I'll be listing items that were not sold in the next few days.

I spent some time with the lovely (and uber talented) Kathy Obrenski of Wee Little West and her husband Tim. Met a fantastic lady called Natalia of Scarlet Sails Miniatures and bought this incredibly cute Christmas stocking from her. Also made friends with the beautiful Maritza of Maritza Miniatures who so generously gave me an exquisite yellow (my favourite colour) cushion with tiny hand-painted silk bird on it! Oh my word - I was so thrilled.

Here are some photos of my Pixie Dust Miniatures section of the display before I left for the show.

The above is me at the show. Below are pictures taken at the show.

These are the wonderful miniatures I brought back with me! Macaroons by Wee Little West, stocking by Scarlet Sail Miniatures and cushion by Maritza Miniatures. Be sure to click over to their sites, follow their blogs if you're not already! :)

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