Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Dust of Broken Heart

It's St Valentine's Day in just 4 days so I've made something a little bit romantic...

Do you remember that scene in the 1980's fantasy movie - 'Willow' (starring the unbearably gorgeous Val Kilmer and Warwick Davis) when the brownies have stolen the 'Dust of Broken Heart' from the fairies and all havoc breaks loose as they fall in love with the wrong characters?! This inspired me to make this tiny glass pendant containing some of the potent love dust for sprinkling on the one you want to feel the affects of your love charm!

It is a tiny 1:12 scale glass jar filled with rose quartz glitter, topped with a cork and silk thread and labeled as the 'Dust of Broken Heart' and has a surgical steel finding so you can string it one a necklace.

- the first addition to my magical Fairytale Jewelry Range and you can purchase it here

Scroll past my images of my 'Dust of Broken Heart' pendant and see the original poster for the movie and a still of the couple that falls in the love thanks to the dust!

Still from the fantasy movie 'Willow' (1988)

The poster. 'Willow' (1988)

The brownies who play with the Dust of Broken Heart, stolen from the fairies. 'Willow' (1988)

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  1. You know I've never actually seen this movie or even heard of it! But its on my list now! I love movies that are 80's and full of magic....kinda reminds me of Legend which is one of my favorite. Your mini jar of magical dust is just fab, love it! Doesn't that glitter just get everywhere? Do you happen to have a little magical cottage too where you use all you minis?

    Great Work!

  2. Hi Sara,
    Thanks! I am so glad I was able to introduce someone to this film who hasn't seen it. It's a lot better even than 'Legend'! You'll love it. Yes, I do have a magical castle (or set) but not ready to share full pics until it's ready.... :) Thanks for reading. C x

  3. I loved Val Kilmer in this movie!;)Great idea with the fairytale jewellery, can't wait to see more! :)