Friday, October 29, 2010

My Workspace - Making Toads...

I was up late yesterday making lots of little Cane Toads in 1:12 scale for Pixie Dust Miniatures because I've had so many requests for them from 'Harry Potter' collecters. So I thought I'd snap a few pictures of them during the process. They look kind of fun without their colour. I use a very translucent clay for these toads so that they have that thin skin slimy look that real Cane toads have.

They take hours to make, but I love making them! I've been commissioned to make some in 1:24 scale, so I'll share these with you before I sell them. :)

Horrible photos, I know! I hate taking photos under artificial light...



  1. I LOVE them! I have a few Harry Potter on the go and some to be be created! So I'm very interested in anything to do with that topic. :o))

    Fabulous work!
    Michelle :o)

  2. They really are incredible, I will be showing off mine soon, things have been manic here! Do you paint the toads or use pastels to colour them? Kate xxx

  3. So great work! HAppy Halloween!

  4. They are so cute! I will be waiting for the finished picture :)

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