Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Candles, Candles, Candles

Finally! I took inspiration from the wonderful old classic horror films like Bella Lugosi's 'Dracula', Lon Chaney Jnr's 'Wolf Man' and Boris Karloff's 'Frankenstein'! I loved making them. People have been asking for a tutorial so I'll try and get one up in the next few weeks if I get time. I've also been asked to do candles with faces in the same vein as my children's book 'The Hidden World' which has faces on just about everything in each illustration! So I'll get around to that too.

Caroline :)

Old Dripping Candle Set

Taper Candles in 'Pewter' Holders


  1. I love your candles Caroline, a tutorial would be great, if you find the time , you must be so busy! Id love to know where we can get your book, our children would love it Im sure!! You write as well?? !! Kate xx

  2. Hi Kate,
    That's so kind of you, it's actually in the publishing process at the moment. It's a wizard's handbook filled with colourful magical illustrations. Finished it 7 years ago though! C x

  3. Una Colección de velas fantasticas. Las Gotas de cera Las haces Muy reales. Me encanta.
    Besos Clara

  4. Cant wait til its published that will be one for the Childrens wish list for sure. They love anything magical and wizardy. We watched the Spiderwick Chronicles this evening and they are now mad on that! Katexx

  5. Oooh, fun film! I love the little goblins in that. I'm planning a series of my own little goblins in 1:12 scale which should be fun! I'll wait til I've finished my phoenix. Take care :) C xx

  6. A tutorial on candles would be wonderful! Love your tall drippy ones.

    Victoria ♥

  7. Oooh a phoenix, now one of those I DO need!! Cant wait to see that!! Kate xxx