Friday, November 8, 2013

My Workspace - Quills and Inkwells!

Do you remember my quill and inkwells from back in 2010?! Well they sold out aggggggges ago and I kept meaning to re-make them. At last that time has come. I have spent a couple of days creating many new quills of all kinds - some which are more naturalistic (like swan, raven and owl feather quills) which can be used in a realistic miniature environment. The others are fanciful, colourful and magical - to be used in miniature fantasy scenes...

I will photograph them properly this weekend and make them available for sale in my online Pixie Dust Miniatures Etsy shop, along with the new dragonskin spellbook range.

Also, take a look at the last image. I have been hand-painting a wooden writing desk in an antique Japanese style... I am showing it on this blog but I think as it is not strictly fantasy, I will end up making it for sale at my other shop. :) So look at for that one as a finished piece there.