Saturday, April 19, 2014

Monster Eggs

Have you heard of Gerharda Grogglespot? I daresay not - very few have and even her nearest relations claim no acquaintance.
Grogglespot steals monster eggs. She has a gift for it.

As many of you know, I have just returned from two weeks in China, but upon my return 3 days ago I took some photos of Gerharda selling her wares in a Pixie Dust Miniatures marketplace. Take a look at the photos below and don't forget to buy your very own monster eggs from the online Pixie Dust Miniatures Etsy store here - just in time for Easter!

There are;

Frightspark eggs from Iceland,
Whizzle eggs from Greece,
Hicklyback eggs from North America,
Hairy Yellow Hibbet eggs from Holland,
Schleep eggs from Thailand,
Gruggle-snug eggs from the west coast of Africa.


On a more serious (less silly) note; if you're interested in my miniature scenes then you may like to see more of this at my flimic blog which shows much more about the making of miniatures and the use of miniatures in filmmaking. I will soon be writing a post all about these monster eggs and show different photos, so look out for that at my other blog or on its corresponding Facebook page.

All of these eggs and pretty much everything you see in the photos was made by myself in one inch scale (1:12 scale) using polymer clay and mixed materials. Images copyright Pixie Dust Miniatures 2014. Thank you for giving me credit and a link back to this blog when you share my images.

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  1. well, what part of North America are the Hickleybacks so I can avoid going there??

    what a great idea. so much fun!