Monday, January 28, 2013

Tutorials and more for 2013!

Wondering what's in store for Pixie Dust Miniatures in 2013....?! I'll tell you. :)

First of all, I must apologise for my absence for a few weeks of this year thus far. I've been busily preparing for my move back to the US and also had some exciting work in miniatures at a film company... for an insight into my miniature work outside of Pixie Dust Miniatures see my professional blog here.

Now, as for 2013 - I'll be moving back to Los Angeles in about 10 days time (during which I am afraid my online Pixie Dust Miniatures shop will remain closed)... then I will re-open, all miniatures will ship from LA and I will soon introduce my new ranges. Yay!

Expect to see a magical Valentines range as well as fantastical new unicorn horns, more bottled magic, cauldrons, books, a Pixie Dust Miniatures FURNITURE RANGE and a whole lot more in store which I'll be a bit secretive about for now! Follow this blog here and / or become a fan on Facebook here and you'll be able to stay ahead of these new ranges, new coupon codes and a brand new competition coming soon....

Anyway, here's my first Pixie Dust Miniatures tutorial available for sale here. It's a clear and easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to make a miniature Grinny pumpkin cauldron in one inch scale. It comes in PDF form with full color photographs (as seen in image two). It is for Beginners / Intermediates (age 18 plus).

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