Monday, December 3, 2012

You're a Rotter, Mr Grinch!

Not having grown up in America, I only discovered 'the Grinch' (a peculiar green creature who steals Christmas - created by Dr Seuss) at the recent age of 29. I only actually watched the cartoon this festive season! Good thing too as I needed to create a winter wonderland this Christmas and a hand-sculpted rendition of the 'rotter' in question.

Here's my Grinch... he's absolutely not spot-on but he's okay for a first draft. Not that a second draft is on the cards - this was a quick make which I did in a couple of hours a few days before I caught my flight out of New Zealand. 

He's one inch scale, as is the candy gingerbread village display which he is disrupting. 


Shop News!............................................................................

Pixie Dust Miniatures has re-opened after a few days closure whilst I packed up my entire apartment and workshop and left New Zealand (after a 5 month stay there). You can find my online shop here.

Thank you for your patience whilst I took a little longer to re-open than planned. The 30 hour flight (pausing in Auckland and then Hong Kong along the way) was fine but on arrival in Heathrow, London, I found that one of the large suitcases containing my miniatures, tools and craft supplies had split right open and there was a gaping hole in it! All's fine now and the airline even sent me a brand new suitcase. 

New Christmas miniatures will be made available in store very soon, I promise. 

Please also note that Pixie Dust Miniatures will be stationed in the UK for a few weeks and then returning to California, USA after that. :)

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  1. very cute!!! I would so love to have him! Great job!

  2. I always loved the Grinch. Your are perfect!

  3. When I first seen the pics you posted of your village I thought wow that looks like the houses in "Who-ville" and then when you made the Grinch I knew for sure!! I've watched that cartoon every Christmas my entire life! You've done a wonderfully grinchy job! Love it!

  4. Beautiful picture. You make me smile.
    Bye Faby

  5. Hi!
    Fantastic scene! You are a great artist!

  6. Your Grinch is spot-on, right down to the wicked grin!

  7. Ooh... LOVE it!! Wonderful scene! Your Grinch couldn't be more perfect than what he is (^^)

    Happy Christmas time to you.

    MiniHugs, Irina