Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Poisonous Toadstools

Step inside my fairy ring.... Kicking off the new spooky selection in my 2012 Halloween Range, here's quite a few poisonous mushrooms and toadstools....

Take a look at the chart below for the complete range and let me know which ones you like best. (Yes, I realise that morel mushrooms aren't poisonous, but I just like the look of them so they're being grouped in the new spooky range.)

They're all available at my online Pixie Dust Miniatures shop right now - sold individually. I'll list potted toadstools soon as well. All one inch scale of course and pretty detailed. ;)

Click on a thumbnail for a close up...

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  1. Hi there! I am not able to say which one´s my favourite, the look all fab so maybe the best is a mixture of all of them!!?
    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your posts with the wonderful pics!
    Hugs, Sandra

  2. Привет!
    Замечательная работа!
    Волшебные грибы из сказочного леса. Я очень люблю сказки.

  3. Your mushrooms are perfect.
    Kiss Faby

  4. I get big eyes.... wonderful work.
    Hugs from Craftland

  5. Thanks everyone, glad you like them! I'm going to make a few other varieties later in the year also. :) Caroline x