Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Half Inch Scale Magical Miniatures

Magic can get really tiny... take a look at these white pumpkins I have here in 1:24 scale (half inch scale)! Pretty tiny and of course they glow in the dark just like my 1:12 scale (one inch scale) range which you've seen before here.

I've photographed them with the 1:12 scale pumpkin range and against a real pumpkin so you can see the scale.

I haven't carved any of them as Jack o' Lanterns - they're simply glowing white pumpkins without faces and just like my other range they're brushed with a hint of gold on the stems.

Hope you like them!

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harry potter dollhouse miniatures

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half inch scale dollhouse miniatures

half inch scale doll's house miniatures


  1. WOW these are so cool, how you manage to make them so small? LOL

  2. Hello!
    Your miniatures are fantastic! I follow your blog always...I'm one of your followers.
    Very compliments!
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    See you later