Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Workspace - belated Easter magic...

Now I told you all that there *would* be a Valentine's Day and an Easter Range 2013 over at Pixie Dust Miniatures... it's just a tad delayed due to my big house / workshop move!

So, here's a glimpse at part of my belated Easter Range in the making... have a look into my workspace at what I've been up to this week and then look out for the new items (including crates of dragon eggs) over at my Pixie Dust Miniatures online shop here. As you can see I have changed my dragon egg design quite a bit, and when the older range (to be found in store here) has run out then that's it - they wont be repeated!

Check back at my blog here often (or my Facebook page) for updates on a new competition soon and also more tutorials.

If you are on my commission list and haven't received a head's up about when your commission will be complete, then please feel free to email me. I am giving everyone a discount on their commissions lately due to the long wait I have made you endure! :)

C xxx

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  1. I like your dragon eggs in the box.
    Greetings, Faby

  2. These eggs are so cute! The boxes are perfectly done. :D

    Many mini hugs,