Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Workspace - Potions and an old Cottage

Another glimpse into the maker space of my magical miniature world...

Since I moved into my new apartment I have been busily making all sorts of fantastical items and running through commissions. However, I haven't had my proper studio lights unpacked and ready for use so have been unable to take proper photos of my new ranges. Still, I can take these snaps of my works in progress and always happy to share them here on my blog and on the Facebook page since so many people ask to see them. :)

Here you'll see my new potion bottles - my Elixirs of Life in the making.

Scroll past these for photos of a thatched cottage also in progress. Don't forget to stop by and check out this blog over the next few weeks so you can see updates on my projects and the finished cottage.
And pop by the online Pixie Dust Miniatures store soon to find Elixir of Life potion bottles for sale and also those dragon egg crates (previously blogged about here).


  1. Las botellas son geniales y la casita es monĂ­sima. QuedarĂ¡ preciosa.

  2. The bottles are fantastic.
    I like your original cottage.
    Bye, Faby