Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mirror Mirror... Fairytale Furniture

Hi everyone,
It's a beautiful sunny day here in LA and I have been having fun working on a UK commission and various projects for magazines (for my other blog here). The deadline is tomorrow so must rush to finish...

However, taking a small break from food, I decided to organise my fabric and trimmings draw in my messy workshop. I'm just dying to dive into the Fairytale Furniture Range which you have heard me mention before in previous posts agggges ago! Well I am finally getting around to making some for fairs and my online shop.

I had such a great time at the garment district two weeks ago finding the right fabric for my first range, which will be my Mirror Mirror range, inspired by the movie. Have a look at my silk fabrics I sourced to match Eiko Ishioka's incredible inspirational costumes.

I had already drawn up lots of designs and sketches for all sorts of fairytale furniture, but when I sat in the cinema watching 'Mirror Mirror' I got so inspired to use some of Ishioka's colour schemes and designs and interpret them my own way into a furniture range. So expect canopy beds with yellow and pink embroidered silks with butterfly and flower designs... couches and chairs with deep reds and white peacock details, sage greens and rich purples.... I can't wait to start making and share here on my blog and the Pixie Dust Miniatures Facebook page.

Scroll past my fabric swatches to the images I found of costume designer Eiko Ishioka's designs. Please note that this amazing woman passed away last year and if you have fallen in love with her designs like I have then you must look her up and read about her.

And whilst we're talking about furniture, here's a glimpse at a finished Potion Table...

And here's the dress I love SO much that I am almost bound to make into a costume for the next masked ball in Los Angeles. (PS I have made costumes before for parties in LA and have a video on my YouTube channel here if interested!)


  1. Not seen this film but the costumes are fab! A friend recently did a vignette based on the Queen's opulent bedchamber... Turned out spectacular. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with the fabrics.

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