Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Workspace - dragonskin spellbooks

Anyone remember my dragonskin spellbooks which I made back in 2011? I had some which opened, and others which didn't - both ranges had genuine leather covers. I used various mixed media to make the leather shimmer different colours like dragonskin. (See one of the old posts about them here).

Well when I run low or run out of an item I like to re-make but change the design and find ways to improve them. I liked the old design, but I wanted to do something a bit more special this time, so these dragonskin spellbooks are made of the same leather, but with the addition of a Swarovksi crystal set into the leather on the front. The crystal isn't simply stuck on - instead I bought a new tool from the internet so that I could stamp into leather and cut the exact depth and size to set the gem into. This way the books still stack neatly and are smooth on the front.

Here's some snaps of them and the scorcerer's library which will house them until they all sell... in the making of course. The bookcases and fireplace are Bespaq and I bought them as unfinished wood. I stained the wood and aged it, then applied gold to the mirror frame, and I painted the fireplace to look like green marble.

 - Stay tuned to see it all finished!

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Find my online Pixie Dust Miniatures Etsy shop -where these NEW dragonskin spellbooks will soon be listed.


  1. Very nice! I especially like the fireplace.
    (Your WIP pictures are great...)

  2. Can't wait to see the finished library! I sometimes use Swarovski crystals as furniture/cabinet knobs but wouldn't have thought to adorn books with them...

  3. Unos libros fabulosos, seguro que quedaran muy bien en la estanterĂ­a.
    Un abrazo.