Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Elves for Sale on Etsy...

Hello everyone - In case you missed it, the online Pixie Dust Miniatures shop is back up and running! Had to put it on hold as I flew across the pond from California to the UK... with no less than 9 suitcases!

From one film hub to another - I've just moved from Hollywood to Turville - *the* location most filmed in Britain. I remember coming here as a teenager and being told that 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' was filmed here, and then spotting a film crew with Sam Neill ('Jurassic Park') and Helena Bonham Carter. It was Sam Neill's birthday and we got to have a slice of his cake. Even more exciting than that, I had a pint at the local pub only to be told that heartthrob Orlando Bloom lives in the same teeny village (population of this village is 100!)

Find out more about the village I am staying in by reading my post on my other site here.

Anyway, yes the cute little Christmas Elves will be available for sale soon...! I'm going to list them at my online shop since people keep asking if they can buy one. I've finally decided to part with them. :) Find them listed first thing tomorrow morning (PST) which is tomorrow evening GMT.

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  1. these are the cutest little elves i ever did see!

  2. Ha ha! Thanks Victoria. :) Not as cute as the ones in 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' though! C x