Friday, September 7, 2012

No, I think not!

Imagine my horror when browsing Etsy I came across a very familiar photo - no wait - my photo being used to advertise someone else's product!

My tea break from 'making things' took a little downturn when I found that a fellow Etsy seller had pulled one of my copyrighted images from the internet, cropped out my company logo (yet somehow stupidly left the copyright notice at the bottom right hand side with my name on it) and uploaded it to her own shop to sell her 'poison pie wax candles', Fortunately she's not using it to sell miniature pies, but nonetheless that picture is coming down. I've sent her an email to let her know that - nope, can't do that.
Sheesh! Some people are so funny.

So... for your own amusement, see screengrab of someone'else's shop with my photograph above, and then detail showing my ignored copyright notice below.
Also see my original poison pie prep board designs (which is the product in question) and note that I have a newer design coming soon - blogged about yesterday here.

On a happier note, the weather in Wellington, New Zealand is wetter than a mermaid's brassiere. Take a look at the snaps I just had to take... there's a compare and contrast of my balcony the day I moved in vs now. And it's meant to be spring - the equivalent of March here.... what's going on?! Last image of Wellington was not taken by me, but pulled down from a news site. You see that's okay because I'm not using this person's photograph to sell product. ;)

Sunny day on my balcony in July (winter).....................Simply dreadful weather on my balcony today..!

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  1. Es increible que la gente coja una fotografia del trabajo de una artesana y lo utilice para vender sus productos, menudo susto debiste llevar y cabreo, claro, tu tranquila que conocemos muy bien tu trabajo, huy no sabia que estabas de sorteo, voy para alli ya, besos.