Monday, September 10, 2012

My Workspace - Pumpkin Tonic Prep Boards

Don't get bored of hearing me blog about prep boards just yet.... there's actually quite a few more to come!

These are pictures I took throughout today of my workspace and you can see me assembling tiny little carved wooden prep boards with yellow silk, pumpkins and pumpkin tonic made by witches. ;)

The artwork on the scrolls and labels is my own as usual, and the glass jelly jars are hand-blown (I commissioned another artist to make the glass for me) and quite tiny.

I'll start having some of these new items available at my online Pixie Dust Miniatures store fairly soon... just let me finish them off and photograph them properly (these photos are dreadful!)

If you're interested in whimsical little one inch scale prep boards then have a gander at my other blog too.... (here) these ones are not magical but they're cute and unique. :)

And don't forget - you have only 6 days left to enter the Pixie Dust Miniatures 'Tell a Friend COMPETITION'! Take a few minutes to enter and you could win quite a unique and special miniature.... Enter here.

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