Monday, September 10, 2012

My Workspace - Batty Batty Batty

Do you remember that song in Sesame Street'... the 'Song of the Count'? The chorus consisted of little fluffy glittery bats singing "batty, batty, batty...." Loved that! Had it stuck in my head as I made all these bats.
I actually made these bats over a fortnight ago but I wasn't going to share them until I'd finished the bat tower they go with (well the bat tower's for the photographs, but the bats will be sold individually as part of my Halloween 2012 Range). So it's coming fairly soon... I'm sharing so much of my workspace lately, why not a few more works-in-process photos? Note that these bats are in two sizes - some really quite tiny. All are fluffy and have tiny detailed faces. Better photos coming soon of course and then they'll be available in my shop.

Note that their little legs look too long in some photos as they hadn't been trimmed down yet! Some remain long so that they can more easily be attached to furniture / beams and hang upside down.

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