Friday, March 16, 2012

Wear some Irish * Magic *

Whether you're Irish / it's St Patrick's Day or you just want to add some Irish magic to your outfit... these are my favourite addition thus far to my Fairytale Jewelry Collection.

Until now you haven't seen much mini magic jewelry on this site, or on my shop, but all that's about to change, as I am putting my foot on the gas, and will be bringing you all kinds of gorgeous magic to wear this year! Interested in miniature food jewelry instead? Find at my other store here.

The tiny, detailed little Leprechaun shoes on these rings are one inch scale (because unlike most fairies which you could fit on the palm of your hand, leprechauns can be the size of cats, with large feet like hobbits, supposedly!) So they fit the platform of these lovely bronze coloured (surgical steel) adjustable rings very well.

The Leprechaun Shoe Earrings are a different design - being quite sparkly and glam. The insides of the shoes are glittered and the outsides shimmer in all sorts of shades of green.

Available at my online store now.

Leprechaun Shoe Earrings

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  1. Hi!!!Your works are absolutely perfect and originals!!!!!I really love them!!!!Great!bye...Sam