Thursday, March 8, 2012


I just want to thank everyone who took advantage of the 40% off coupon I ran for 24 hours yesterday! It was a huge success and I spent all morning packing up little gift boxes for America, Canada, Australia, Norway, Finland and the UK. I was thrilled so many of you jumped on it and hope you love the miniature packages you receive. They're going off in the post tomorrow and are currently sitting by the front door neatly (which is why I took a pic!)

On an unrelated topic, you might be interested to know that a new competition has just begun over at my other blog. It's quick and free to enter and if you like miniature food (as well as miniature magic) then you can enter for a chance to win a handmade miniature food item. The fun part is, if you win, you can choose the elaborate whimsical cake pictured below OR a mystery box prize.... everyone loves a mystery box prize! ;)

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  1. Here I am again. Number 3 chance for the big competition.