Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tinier and tinier... new Half Inch Scale items!

How small can we go? Well for the time being 1:24 scale (half inch) is the smallest I have at Pixie Dust Miniatures! I usually work in 1:12 (one inch scale).

For those that are unsure of the scale, 'half inch scale' means that 1 foot in real life equals half an inch in the miniature world. So a foot-long sandwich from Subway would measure only half an inch as a miniature sandwich!

You've seen some of my other Half Inch Range here before, but here are some new items...

Half Inch Scale Enchanted Stone Bottles (see them in 1:12 one inch scale here)

Half Inch Scale Harry Potter's Snowy Owl - these are realllly tiny!

Half Inch Scale Unicorn Horns (see them in 1:12 one inch scale here) They glow in the dark too!

Half Inch Scale Dragonskin Spellbooks (see them in 1:12 one inch scale here)

half inch scale (1:24 scale) doll's house or dollhouse miniatures for harry potter magical witch or wizard dollhouse. buy harry potter miniatures

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