Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Magic Shop in Progress - My Workspace

Hi everyone,
You haven't heard that much from me as I've been a busy bee working on commissions for private marvelous collectors! I know people often like to see un-posed photos of my workspace so I took a few snaps to share with you.

I'll be showing you all sorts of new products soon as well.

This project is a Harry Potter magical shop made in 1:24 (half inch) scale.

harry potter shop in 1:24 (half inch) scale, magical miniature harry potter shop


  1. I love the Harry Potter's world ^_^
    I am very curious to see how this magical shop will become!
    The front is already beautiful!

  2. Thanks Claudia! I built the scale miniature model set of Hogsmead village on 'Harry Potter 4', working in the art department over at Leavesdon Studios. planning to put the same level of detail into this private commission! C x

  3. It already looks so interesting! Can't wait to see more!:) Good luck!

  4. What a wonderful shop front Caroline. And oh to have a view like that out of your working window! So light and bright, bet you love working in it! Cant wait to see the finished article if your customers allow! How amazing to have worked on the HP films, what did they do with all those film miniature sets/houses/shops? Kate xx

  5. Hi Kate! The miniature sets are still at Leavesden Studios which is in Watford and they do tours now so you could take Lola to see the street Harry grew up on, board the Hogwart's Express, go inside Griffindor common room, wear the sorting hat! The miniature sets are also there but as far as I'm aware they weren't part of the tour. Think they'll sit in the art department and collect dust! Have a lovely week - it's actually pouring here today ironically! C xx

  6. Oh that would be wonderful She'd love that! Ill look into it, its her birthday end of March what a treat that would be! Have a great week too,xxx

  7. This is a lovely kit, and I love how you have done it too!

    What a wonderful dream job to have been able to work on real HP scale models!!! :o)))

    Michelle xx