Saturday, February 19, 2011

Enchanted Stone Potion Bottles

I've finally had the time to take photos of my enchanted stone potion bottles...!

Store magic matter in stone tupperware and it's bound to soak in a tad - hence the enchantment creating faces on the bottles.

They were carefully handmade (without the use of molds) and have glow-in-the-dark eyes. Some of them are topped off with 100% silk cloth, some with real glass decanter stoppers and some have little aged tags.

My favourite is Fidge... not sure if I'll sell him but I will sell the others. Find them at my shop soon!

1:12 (one inch) scale. I'll list them in my shop individually, and you'll be able to find them according to the silly goblin names I've given them!

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  1. These are wonderful, they remind my of Ugly mugs I used to see in Cornwall when I was a child! Great faces, I love Groggle! tee hee!

  2. Hi Caroline!
    Congratulations for Skulky, Fidge, Fogle, Poot, Smitch, Groggle and Smogle...they are very nice!!!
    Visit my blog because you won a prize :-)

  3. Thanks guys!
    Hi Claudia, that's very kind of you but I couldn't understand what you meant on your blog! I didn't find it... :) Caroline xXx

  4. Absolutely stunning! it seems that this kind of stone potion bottle fun doing this I really like it such a wonderful post. :)