Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Workspace - Making Candles...

Hi everybody,
It's been all about candles lately. I made 50 in 1:12 scale and 50 in 1:24 scale!

Took a few snaps along the way because I thought people might like to see some unposed photos outside my dollhouse castle set!

I'll start listing Harry Potter inspired dollhouse miniatures in 1:24 scale (half inch) on Etsy soon. As always feel free to email me should you want anything sooner!
C x


  1. Goodness...that is a lot of candles! And your workspace is so neat and clean...

  2. Candle crazy! Beautifully made as always Caroline, the colours are so perfectly aged! Kate xxx

  3. I love seeing pictures of production lines and workspaces.. they look wonderful even when its not posed!

  4. can you tell me what you used to make the candles look melted like that please i love it