Saturday, March 29, 2014

Want a Bite?

Remember my signature poison apple pie inspired by 'Snow White'? I never really get tired of making classic poisonous red apples or anything related, so I was intrigued when a client in Paris requested literally hundreds of miniature classic red apples. I took on this commission at the start of this year as a matter of fact, and ended up making her some other fruit as well.

So I know people like to see 'work in progress' photos of large commissions such as this and so I have included some here in this post.

If you follow my other 'filmic' blog (here) in which I talk about my work as a miniaturist in general, and not just for Pixie Dust Miniatures, you may have caught the post about this a while back - in January.
You can read about my miniatures in film, or what I have to say about miniatures in film in general at this other blog of mine.
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  1. wow that is a lot of apples and pears..they look great too