Friday, October 15, 2010

Bubbling Iron Cauldrons

This was enormous fun to make as I've never worked with resin before and thought it was brilliant, although it did make my studio smell like chemicals for days so not necessarily recommended...!
Basically, I made battered old-looking iron cauldrons first out of polymer clay. Then I put weeds and a long handled silver spoon inside each. (The weeds were scenic foliage used in miniature railways). I mixed up some green resin and poured into the cauldrons and layered with a mixture of varied size glass balls to create the look of bubbles.

Great fun!

Hope you like them. They'll be on Etsy soon. Let me know what you think. :)


  1. What a great spooky cauldron and I love the little chubby guy standing by it, hope he dosnt get tempted to hop in, or he will be the next ingredient!! lol Kate xx

  2. It's very adorable. I love it. It's a little difficult to see the details of the liquid, so maybe an additional light would help.

    Is there any chance you can show us your personal collection and scenery?

  3. Thanks so much everybody! :)
    Morgan, I take your point. They do look a lot better with more light shining directly into them...
    I'd be delighted to show more of my sets for my photo shoots and will indeed show more of my Pixie Dust world in a video soon... keep an eye on my YouTube channel:

  4. Hi, Caroline! I fell in love with your miniatures :)
    Are you going to make bubbling cauldrons in future?

    1. Hi, thank you do much! Glad you like my minis. I will indeed be making more bubbling cauldrons in the future, but they will be a different design. Stay tuned for that in a couple of months! Caroline x