Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Posse of Possums

Do you remember when I mentioned an unusual commission for two one inch scale possums toasting marshmallows on sticks for a client's campfire diorama? I blogged about making them here just a couple of weeks back. Thought you might like to see the finished possums just before I glued their marshmallow sticks to their little paws.

It's November now and I'm starting to think about Christmas.....! There's a lot more Christmasiness happening at my other blog, but there'll definitely be some Christmas themed miniatures coming here soon also, so stay tuned!

On another note, I am currently still in Wellington New Zealand, and I leave in just under 2 weeks to fly back to the UK and then in the first week of Dec I'll fly back to the US. So my shops will have to close here and there (I'll give notice at the time). If there's anything you had your eye on that you definitely want in time for Christmas then you might want to make your purchases from my online Pixie Dust Miniatures shop before I leave NZ just to be safe. I don't want to see anyone disappointed! :)